Apr 28, 2006

Party like a Congressman

So a bunch Union students are just hanging around when what appears to be a super-duper senior on the 15 year degree plan shows up to party with them at their frat house. From all witnesses account of the activities Congressman Sweeney was slurring his speach and generally acting drunk. Hopefully he fired whichever staffer that let him go to the party.

Apr 3, 2006

Open seat in Queens 25th AD

There are very few interesting races in NYC, with Bloomberg pulling back his blackmail of backing Dem challengers to three Republican State Senators (Maltese, Padavan, Goldin) since he finally got the CFE money from the state. This is an open seat in Eastern Queens with Brian McLaughlin not running for re-election and long time community leader Rory Lancman heir-apparent to the seat.