Oct 23, 2008

The Associated Press: Shop, baby, shop? GOP spent $150K on Palin clothes

The Associated Press: Shop, baby, shop? GOP spent $150K on Palin clothes

$400 out of the candidates' pocket for a Haircut (Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and John Edwards all were accused of this) seems like pocket change compared to GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin's $150,000 shopping spree.

Freaking ridiculous!

Oct 6, 2008



From the people that brought the story "Batboy Enlists to find Osama in Afghanistan" Weekly World News reports the Mayor of New York Mike Bloomberg to declare himself Emperor of New York City. As likely within Bloomberg's wheelhouse as this statement; the location and timing of the announcement disproves this journalistic nugget of the Weekly World News (Cipriani's is not a likely Bloomberg announcement location especially since he was in London Monday morning).

Oct 3, 2008

Joe Biden Has Lived Through Real Tragedy

Joe Biden actually is Joe-Six Pack that Palin keeps talking about. Real Americans have suffered and suceeded in life despite (or maybe because) living through real tragedies. Americans are not nancies that run to daddy after their business crashes and burns like W did repeatedly. Americans do not abandon their spouses just because they are less attractive than the day they were married, like John McCain did to his first wife. Americans know themselves enough to know what they are good at, and if like the Governor form Alaska you received your passport within the last 24 months foreign policy is not in your wheelhouse and you have to admit it. The Executive branch has too have expertise in foregn policy, and the Vice President is part of the Executive branch (despite what Cheney thinks.)

Oct 2, 2008

Bloomberg announces intention to run for a 3rd term

Shocking that Bloomberg could state that he is for term limits, while announcing he is intending to run for a third term anyway!

The financial crisis is the rationale that he gave for changing the term limits, and that it was too close to November to be put on the ballot for a third referendum to reject it again. Why would the the single instance of the credit crunch and Wall St implosion change the term limits law for time and memoriam? If there was desire for a third term, and a rationale for third terms it wouldn't change because of the last couple of weeks financial downturn.