Jul 22, 2006

Tough Week For Morshed Alam

It's been a tough week for Republicrat Morshed Alam, who is Democrat Rory Lancman's opponent for the open 25th District State Assembly seat in Queens. First, he got caught using a non-union printer for his lit and posters, even though the lit in question touts his being a DC37 member and claims he "Supports labor's right to organize and for their members to be treated with dignity and respect." I guess that doesn't apply to workers in the printing trade. Then the New York Observer caught him fabricating endorsements. The reporter's conversation with Councilman Leroy Comrie is particularly funny ("He's been calling me and begging me and calling me and asking me and calling me and asking me."). Then the Queens Tribune outed Alam as also running on the Republican line (understandably, Alam was "reluctant" to discuss his Republican endorsement). And finally Alam's campaign finance filing showed him with barely $14,000 on hand. (Rory Lancman filed with over $78,000 on hand). Like I said, it's been a tough week for Morshed.
Rory, on the other hand, had another great week, with UNITE HERE adding its name to the formidable list of unions already backing Rory, including 32BJ, RWDSU, CSEA, DC37 Retirees, DC37 Local 983, UFCW Local 1500, Carpenters Local 45, Mason Tenders, Painters DC9, SEIU Local 74, CWA 1180, 1106 & 1102 (and, of course, the Working Families Party).

Jul 19, 2006

Morshed Alam's "endorsements"

Candidate for Queens 25th Assembly District, has less than impressive financial filing ($14,000 on hand), has yet to receive the endorsement of his home union Local 375, filed petitions to run in both Democratic and Republican primaries, campaign literture have routinely had typos and misspellings: such as an endorsement of City Councilman Leroy Comric (he spelt it Comrie).

To top it all off The Politicker has reported that one of the few endorsements he claims to have received, hasn't endorsed him.

"I haven't endorsed anybody in that race." said Councilman Comric

So why did this guy say you did?

"We served on the school board together. He's been calling me and begging me and calling me and asking me and calling me and asking me. I told him I'd try. But I was in the middle of budget process and wasn't thinking about anything else."

Jul 14, 2006

NYC Candidates file their petitions


District: 5
Gary Ackerman-D,I,W

District: 6
Gregory Meeks-D

District: 7
Joseph Crowley-D,W
Jose Serrano-D
Kevin Brawley-C

District: 8
Jerrold Nadler-D,W
Eleanor Friedman-R
Dennis Adornato-C

District: 9
Anthony Weiner-D,W

District: 10
Edolphus Towns-D
Charles Barron-D
Roger Green-D
Ernest Johnson-C
Eric Spruiell-W

District: 11
David Yassky-D
Yvette Clarke-D
Chris Owens-D
Carl Andrews-D
Stephen Finger-R
Mariana Blume-C
Elon Harpaz-W

District: 12
Nydia Velazquez-D, W
Miguel Gonzalez-R
Allan Romaguera-C

District: 13
Vito Fossella-R, C
Stephen Harrison-D, W
Anita Lerman-I

District: 14
Carolyn Maloney-D, W
Alan Harris-I
Daniel Maio-R

District: 15
Charles Rangel-D, W
Edward Daniels-R

District: 16
Jose Serrano-D, W
Ali Mohamed-C

District: 17
Eliot Engel-D,W
Jessica Flagg-D
Jim Faulkner-R,I,C

State Senate

District: 10
Ada Smith-D
Shirley Huntley-D
Allan Jennings Jr-D
Jereline Hunter-C

District: 11
Nora Marino-D, W
Frank Padavan-R, I, C

District: 12
George Onorato-D

District: 13
Hiram Monserrate-D
John Sabini-D

District: 14
Malcolm Smith-D, W

District: 15
Serphin Maltese-R, I, C
Bartholemeo Bruno-R
Albert Baldeo-D

District: 16
Toby Ann Stavisky-D, W

District: 17
Martin Malave Dilan-D, W
Victor Guarino-C

District: 18
Tracy Boyland-D
Velmanette Montgomery-D, W
Viviana Vazquez-Hernandez-C

District: 19
John Sampson-D, W
Mary Vicino-C

District: 20
Eric Adams-D, W
Anthony Alexis-D
Guillermo Philpotts-D
James Gay-C

District: 21
Noach Dear-D
Kevin Parker-D, W
Sal Grupico-C

District: 22
Martin Golden-R, C

District: 23
Diane Savino-D, W

District: 24
Matthew Titone-D, W
Robert Helbock-R,I,C
Andrew Lanza-R,I

District: 25
Martin Connor-D
Kenneth Diamondstone-D, W

District: 26
Liz Krueger-D, W
Philip Pidot-R

District: 27
Carl Kruger-D
Mildred Mahoney-C

District: 28
Jose Serrano-D, W
Rubye Wright-R
Agustin Alamo Estrada-C

District: 29
Thomas Duane-D, W
Dan Russo-R

District: 30
Bill Perkins-D, W
Ruben Dario Vargas-D
Jolinda Ruth Cogen-R

District: 31
Eric Schneiderman-D, W
Alba Sanchez-R, C

District: 32
Ruben Diaz-D
Israel Cruz-D
Iris Carrasquillo-R
Arlene Anderson-C

District: 33
Efrain Gonzalez Jr-D
Jeffrey Sternberg-R,C

District: 34
Jeffrey Klein-D,W
Joseph Jay Savino-R,I,C

District: 36
Ruth Thompson-D,W
Crystal Wade-D
Curtis Brooks-R
George Rubin-C

State Assembly

District: 22
Ellen Young-D, I
Terrence Park-D
Grace Meng-D, W
Julia Harrison-D
Christopher Migliaccio-C

District: 23
Audrey Pheffer-D, W
Stuart Mirsky-R, C

District: 24
Mark Weprin-D, W

District: 25
Rory Lancman-D, W

District: 26
Ann Margaret Carrozza-D, W

District: 27
Nettie Mayersohn-D
Walter Lamp-C

District: 28
Andrew Hevesi-D, W
Dolores Maddis-R, C
Blair Burroughs-W

District: 29
William Scarborough-D, W

District: 30
Margaret Markey-D

District: 31
Michele Titus-D, W
Micahel Duvalle-D

District: 32
Vivian Cook-D

District: 33
Barbara Clark-D, W

District: 34
Ivan Lafayette-D, W

District: 35
Jeffrion Aubry-D

District: 36
Michael Gianaris-D, W

District: 37
Catherine Nolan-D

District: 38
Anthony Seminerio-D,R,C

District: 39
Jose Peralta-D,W
Carmen Enriques-D

District: 40
Diane Gordon-D??
Godfrey Jelks-C

District: 41
Helene Weinstein-D, W
Jonathan Testaverde-C

District: 42
Rhoda Jacobs-D

District: 43
Karim Camara-D, W
Saquan Jones-D
Jesse Hamilton-D
Kenneth Cook-C

District: 44
James Brennan-D, W
Yvette Velazquez Bennett-C

District: 45
Steven Cymbrowitz-D

District: 46
Alec Brook-Krasny-D, W
Martin Levine-D
Ari Kagan-D
Michele Heitzner-R, C

District: 47
William Colton-D, W
Phyllis Carbo-R, C

District: 48
Dov Hikind-D, R
Herbert Ryan-C

District: 49
Peter Abbate Jr-D, W
Lucretia Regina-Potter-R,C

District: 50
Joseph Lentol-D
Richard Trainer-C

District: 51
Felix Ortiz-D, W
Washington Artus-R, C

District: 52
Joan Millman-D, W
Richard French-C

District: 53
Vito Lopez-D, W
Ameriar Feliciano-C

District: 54
Darryl Towns-D, W
Khorshed Chowdhury-C

District: 55
William F Boyland Jr-D, W
Royston Antoine-D

District: 56
Annette Robinson-D
Richard Taylor-D

District: 57
Hakeem Jeffries-D, W
William Batson-D
Freddie Hamilton-D
Henry Weinstein-C

District: 58
Robert Gaffney-C
Nick Perry-D, W
Wellington Sharpe-D

District: 59
Alan Maisel-D
Harvey Clarke-D
Abraham Levy-D
Stephen Walters-C

District: 60
Janele Hyer-Spencer-D, I, W
Anthony Xanthakis-R, C

District: 61
John Lavelle-D, W

District: 62
Vincent Ignizio-R,I,C

District: 63
Michael Cusick-D, I, C,W

District: 64
Sheldon Silver-D, W
Lawrence Capici-R,I

District: 65
Alexander Pete Grannis-D, I
Michael Fandal-R

District: 66
Deboarh Glick-D, W
Peter Hort-R

District: 67
Linda Rosenthal-D, I
Theodore Howard-R

District: 68
Adam Clayton Powell-D, W
John Ruiz-D
Edward Gibbs-D
Dean Loren Velasco-R, I

District: 69
Daniel O’Donnell-D
Christopher Lanzillotti-R

District: 70
Keith Wright-D, W
Monique Wasington-D
Will Brown Jr-R

District: 71
Herman D Farrell-D
Glenda Allen-R

District: 72
Adriano Espaillat-D, W
Francesca Castellanos-D
Martin Chicon-R

District: 73
Jonathan Bing-D, W
Robert Heim-R, I

District: 74
Sylvia Friedman-D, W
Brian Kavanagh-D
Juan Pagan-D
Esther Yang-D
Frank Scala-R

District: 75
Richard Gottfried-D, W
Debra Leible-R

District: 76
Peter Rivera-D, W
Steven Stern-R, C

District: 77
Aurelia Greene-D
Anthony Curry-D, C
Kathleen Benjamin Larkins-R

District: 78
Jose Rivera-D
William Sullivan-R, C

District: 79
Michael Benjamin-D
Sigfredo Gonzalez-D
Sharon Grady-R

District: 80
Naomi Rivera-D
Joseph Thompson-D
Robin Basile-D
Frank Olivo-R
Robert Goodman-C declined

District: 81
Jeffrey Dinowitz-D, W
Mark Goret-R, C

District: 82
Michael Benedetto-D, W
Raymond Capone-R, C

District: 83
Carl Heastie-D, W
Johnnie Goff-R, C declined

District: 84
Carmen Arroyo-D
David Rosado-R
Harry Almodovar-D, C

District: 85
Ruben Diaz Jr-D
Carmen Hernandez-D
Evelyn Russell-R
William McDonagh-C

District: 86
Luis Diaz-D
Urnest Kebreau-R
Sham Ninah-C