Oct 23, 2007

Direct Democracy for People-Powered Politics

MyDD :: Direct Democracy for People-Powered Politics

This blog post really hits it on the nose. Edwards campaign being so focused on economic justice is the greatest crisis that is facing this country. While the Hillary Clinton campaign seems determined with only one crisis, her own personal electoral victory, and Barack Obama's campaign is centrally focused on changing the nature of politics. Out of every candidate that is running for president only Rep. Ron Paul and Senator John Edwards seem to be running a campaign that is solution and results centered, (Rep. Paul solution being eliminating 90% of what the federal government does, while Sen. Edwards' solution is cure our economic ills.) The fear of the current economic trends are leading our country is not just a fear for us lefties, Billionaire and ardent fiscal conservative Warren Buffet has been heard to say "Class war, of course there is a class war going on right now and my side is winning."

New York Times columnist and class-warfare apologist Thomas Friedman often writes in his column and books about how it is good that our economy holds no protection from competition (and I would postulate no protection from bad luck.) The prevailing corporatized common wisdom is that we the consumer or employee for all intensive purposes and for all future generations shall hold all economic risks while the elite of the investing class shall retain all the benefits in some sort of ass-backwards Adam-Smith-envisioned capitalism.