Nov 27, 2006

My Resume

Sean Finnerty

Work Experience

Lancman for Assembly – Fresh Meadows, NY March 2006- December 2006

Campaign Manager

  • Scheduled candidate’s events and set the candidate’s priorities. Wrote and executed field plan. Was the liaison to labor and political organizations, wrote press releases for local media. Hired, trained and managed paid petitioners. Recruited and managed volunteers and interns.

Mark Peters for Brooklyn DA - Brooklyn, NY April 2005 – September 2005

Field Director

  • Hired, trained, and managed 10 paid canvassers/petitioners. Recruited volunteers from personal interactions with the candidate.

  • Wrote the field plan, with 200,000 targeted primary voters and executed the plan.

Grassroots Campaigns Inc - Tampa, FL January 2005 – March 2005

Political Consultant

  • Mobilized Florida PIRG members to write letters to local media and to their Representatives & Senators in Congress as well as to attend rallies regarding the energy bill.

  • Organize media events in the Tampa area.

America Coming Together - Newark, OH February 2004 – November 2004

Multi-County Field Director

  • Hired, trained and supervised a staff of 20 paid canvassers to contact voters in 6 counties of the eastern exurbs of Columbus, OH.

  • Ensured all employees and volunteers were in compliance with FEC rulings of a 527 non-profit organization.

  • Responsible for the office's spending and budget.

Finnerty for Town Board Committee – Clifton Park, NY May 2003 – November 2003


  • Acted as campaign manager, treasurer and field director for campaign of at-large town council seat of town of 33,000 people. Knocked on over 3,500 doors, and had direct contact with 1000 voters.

Chellie Pingree for U. S. Senate – Portland, ME May 2002 – November 2002 Field Organizer

  • Canvassed door-to-door to persuade targeted voters to support Chellie Pingree

  • Recruited 11 volunteers to canvass, 17 volunteers to phone bank

  • Created phone banks for Penobscot, Kennebec, Piscataquis, Hancock, and Aroostook counties

  • Organized and implemented canvasses of paid staff and volunteers throughout the Greater Bangor area contacting nearly 15,000 voters face-to-face and 25,000 voters by phone

MediaCom – New York, NY May 2001 – May 2002

Assistant Media Buyer

  • Executed final details of national television ad time with Network and Syndicator Sales department.

  • Recorded movements of ads within proprietary Netrep computer system with data collected from Nielsen ratings to compare with guaranteed output of ad inventory

Evan Davis Campaign Committee – New York, NY May 1998September 1998

Petition Manager

  • Collected and organized petitions for a state -wide Attorney General election.

  • Shared supervision over thirty paid petitioners.

  • Maintained a database of constituents.

Education Fordham University, Bronx, NY

B.A. Communications, May 2001

Special Training 21st Century Democratic Field Campaign Training: Intensive training focused on the essentials of running a field campaign including; volunteer recruitment, earned media event planning, analysis of voter files, and letter-to-the-editor campaigning, as well as budgeting time, money, people & other resources.

Skills MS Excel, Word, Access, Voter file analysis, Volunteer recruitment, staff management,

Nov 14, 2006

Election results-- Ballot Access

Dem 2.6 million votes (New Row A)
Independence 146K votes (Maintain Row C)
Working Families Party ~127k votes (Maintian Row E)

Rep 1.1 Million votes (New Row B)
Conservative ~128k votes (Maintain Row D)

Malachy McCourt
Green Party 41k votes (does not receive ballot access)

Nov 7, 2006

Election day

I had a very boring ballot this morning. Spitzer, Clinton, Cuomo, Ackerman(no opposition), Sabini(no opposition), Peralta(no opposition).

Comptroller was the only interesting position I could have voted for and being aware of the Saratoga County Government there was not a snowball chance in hell would I vote Chris Callahan. The question was Hevesi or Green party candidate as a protest vote.

I guess the judges were also necessary votes, but still voting without any real excitement. Remember to go out and vote.

The listing of my representatives produces a very unique overlap and one could probably figure out exactly where I live from it.

Nov 2, 2006

Count the State Senate Seats needed...

In the 35th State Seante District Andrea Stewart-Cousins will probably beat Senator Nick Spano

In the 24th State Senate District Mathew Titone beating Citycouncilman Lanza for Senator Marchi's open seat.

In the 2nd State Senate District Brooke Ellison could beat Senator John Flanagan

In the 47th State Senate District John Murad winning the district that Ray Meier is vacating in his run for congress (which he is losing by the account of the public polls and non-partisan Congressional Quarterly's opinion).

In the 11th State Senate District Nora Marino has 3 to 1 Democrats for every Republican registered in her district as she runs against Padavan.

I am sure I've missed a couple of other susceptible districts. The Democrats only need four more seats to win control of the State Senate, and I am sure the next election after the Democrats take control of the senate you will see about a dozen Republican State Senators will retire because they will not want to be in the minority. The Democratic takeover of the state senate will certainly be before the redistricting for the 2012 election which will cause a critical mass of seats change hands to the Democrats. After the 2012 elections the State Seante could very well have 43 seats and look like the state assembly today with veto proof majority.

Rep. Sweeney Loves his (and other's) wife

Rep. Sweeney today came out and announced that he "loves his wife and loves his children." The congressman did this in response to the likelihood that he actually beat his wife and that the state troopers came to his house Dec 2, 2005 in response to his wife's call to 911. His children are from his first marriage that ended in divorce in 1998 the wife that he alleged beat up in 2005 is Gaia Sweeney whom the congressman married a couple of years ago.

In the years in between the two marriages John Sweeney had long-term sexual relationship with his district office manager and Member of Saratoga County Board of Supervisor Anita Daly. It did not stop John Sweeney to pursue a relationship with Mrs. Daly even though she was still married. The Congressman's opposition to gay marriage while destroying his and other's marriages is one of many examples of the hypocrisy that John Sweeney is drowning in.

Nov 1, 2006

Times Union Reports Congressman Sweeney Domestic Abuse

Posted on this evening: an article by Brendan Lyons, with work by Elizabeth Benjamin, detailing a domestic incident call last December at the residence of U.S. Rep. John Sweeney.

Sweeney’s wife, Gaia, called 911 to say her husband was “knocking her around the house” and hung up, according to a report on the Dec. 2 incident. Sweeney told a dispatcher who called back that there was no problem, and his wife got on to say she was fine, and drunk, the report states. Police went anyway, which is standard procedure. Gaia Sweeney told the officer they’d had a “verbal arguement that turned a little physical by her being grabbed around the neck and pushed around the house.” The Congressman had scratches on his face, according to the report, and his wife spent the night at a friend’s.

State Police refused for months to release the report, which we finally obtained last week and authenticated by multiple sources. The Sweeney campaign branded it “unauthentic, false and concocted.” The campaign would not address its substance, however.