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Nov 1, 2010

Tea Partiers... Islamophobic to the core

Whether at the end of the E train or the B train, it doesn't matter Mosques are not welcomed by Tea Partiers. New York City may have given birth to religious freedom (Flushing Remonstrance of 1657) but a very small minority are seeking squash the religious tolerance of the city. Sad for the Tea Partiers as their attempt is like a bug trying to squash a giant, just not going to happen.

Aug 14, 2010

Blackberry advertising on Android marketplace, money well spent

Sure this off topic but just under a year ago I switched from blackberry to my Motorola Droid and I recently came across this blackberry ad within Android's app marketplace. Probably a bad use of RIM's marketing budget since is unlikely that some with an android phone is going to blackberry just for BB messenger.

Jul 30, 2010

Oh SNAP! The Slasher got back on the ballot

So it's official my District Leader, for now, disgraced party flip flopping, slush fund stealing all around thug Hiram Monserate got on the ballot.

Jun 14, 2010

Marines are less worthy than Mariah Carey

When I first heard about the Empire State Building dissing Mother Theresa, I heard the explanation that they do not honor religious figures and if they had honored Mother Theresa then what would stop the Scientologists from demanding L. Ron Hubburd being honored. Then I looked at who else has been honored, as well as who has been snubbed. Red China, Mariah Carey (as part of the promotion of her CD release), Wizard of OZ (as part of a DVD relaease), have all been honored with a night or more ESB lighting love. While Mother Theresa and the United Marine Corps are not in Empire State Building Lighting Partners' humble opinion as deserving as Mao, Mimi, & munchkins. 

Mar 2, 2010

Loyalty is fleeting

Just received a mailer that coincides with this email former Chief of staff of disgraced and expelled State Senator Hiram Monserrate, Julissa Ferreras endorsing Monserrate's opponent, Jose Peralta, in the special election March 16th to fill the 13th Senate Seat that Monserrate was expelled from as well as attempting to recapture.

Can't wait to vote against the domestic abusing, tax-payer robbing, party flip-flopping, scumbag that is Hiram Monserrate on March 16th. If you live in 13th District find out your poll site by calling 311 or visiting the NYC Board of election poll site finder: