Dec 30, 2014

NYPD: Well If We Don't Get Unchallenged Authority, We'll Just Take Our Ball And Go Home!

Image Credit: Flckr

"Sure, if police start refusing to arrest murderers and rapists, things will probably get really bad, especially since most of the residents in New York City have been disarmed. But this lawlessness would likely be a temporary reality. As we’ve seen with the economic collapse in Detroit and the subsequent lack of government policing, solutions like the Threat Management Center arise, which provide a more efficient and much more peaceful means of societal security.

As Reason Magazine’s Scott Shackford said, presumably, next year, after this all dies down, the NYPD may note a big drop of crime in December entirely because they stopped finding reasons to charge people with crimes.

Police unions could use the experience to decry all the petty, unnecessary reasons they’re ordered to cite and arrest people in the first place, but that’s not going to happen because they love the drug war and the money that comes into the departments from fighting it."
-Matt Agorist

The vast majority of murderers and rapists that get arrested tend to be known by the victim, for example murder is usually a crime between husband and wife, so the labor intensive (routinely harassing members of preordained identifiable "likely" misdemeanor criminals) part of the police's job might be proven to be thoroughly unnecessary in a work slow-down/stoppage of the NYPD. Pat Lynch and the PBA should be wary that if it lasts too long they will be seen as largely obsolete not in the NYPD's entirety but in it's current numbers of the tens of thousands, which is the worse thing for a labor leader (other than besides a mascot to the NY Post, which Pat Lynch is still a labor leader). If you can go by without doing your job, you are placing a huge bet that the job you were doing was so necessarily that removing yourself will grind some sort of core competency to a halt. This is the central concept to all labor strikes; GM can't roll out any Chevys if all the workers in their factory picket the factory (preventing scab workers from taking their place). If the NYPD attempts to do a work place action and no one in the city can tell, or worse acknowledge that the NYPD work stoppage is more desirable than actually working, the game is over for Pat Lynch and the NYPD's PBA. You can't threaten to withhold public services and then have your constituents prefer you withholding said services since that would have the constituents come to the self-evident truth: that we don't need a heavy handed police force.

The PBA, for their own benefit, should come to this conclusion before the largest American city comes to that conclusion because having a light touch constabulary is something like toothpaste for once it gets out no matter how hard you try you get it back in. If the work stoppage does last long enough for residents to take notice, the next step may be imbedded undercover police within street protests, agitating far outside the consensus of the committed non-violent activists. But I'm sure I am just spouting off things that makes deserving a tin foil hat:

Oh, right! There has already been police officers that escalated protests to violence.