Sep 2, 2005

Bush does a fly over the states devastated by Hurrican Katrina: it saddened him that his summer vacation was cut short by 2 days

It's a shame that there were no women that had been brain dead for fifteen years, since that would actually have gotten Bush and the GOP up and running to the rescue. But alas there were no national guardsmen helping to evacuate the poor of New Orleans and the surrounding parishes, they have been sent 7,000 miles east and probably will not be available for their expressed purpose of helping out their state in case of natural disaster, and civil unrest.

The national debt rising higher and higher (of course Bush and his administration will blame the 10 Billion in aid to Hurricane victims and the war of choice in Iraq) and this won't stop the GOP drive to permanently eliminate inheritance tax, make the government revenue cuts from Bush's first term permanent, and ever expanding defense department budget to pay for missile defense systems that will never work, the latest stealth technology (as if Al queda had any use of radar stations), and the payoffs to Haliburton and other defense contractors that have stolen billions ...that's with a B... from the American tax payer.

Gas prices will of course go up despite Hugo Chavez' offer to give millions of discounted barrels of oil to poor neighborhoods, as well as Bush tapping the strategic petroleum reserve. Why, you may ask would prices go up while the market is being flooded with cheaper oil. First Bush will decline the Venzuluan President's offer out spite. Second he is not tapping our strategic petroleum reserve of that many barrels of oil when considering how much oil is use in the United States. Third the oil companies despite record breaking fiscal quarters of profit for last 2 years see this as another opportunity to gauge the America public.

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