Feb 6, 2006

Boelhert stepping down could be a blessing on so many levels

Congressman Boehlert of the 24th has sluggish fundrainsing, term limited chairmanship on the Science committee, and Don Young of Alaska promising he would do anything possible to ensure that Boelhert does not become the Chairman of the Transportation Committee (which Young now chairs and is also term limited), all of which give him little reason to stay in the job for a 13th term. So if Boehlert does step down who in the GOP steps up?

Brad Jones is already running, though will force any other Republican to spend more money in the primary he would lose in the general due to how exuberantly conservative he is (he has been heard bragging that he is "10 times more conservative than Bohlert could ever be") and how moderate the district is. There are two state Senators that have mumbled about throwing their hats in the ring State Sen. Ray Meier and State Sen. James Seward. Seward has been linked with Walter Rich scandal and his infamous Cooperstown fundraisers, but may still forge forward leaving two open state senate seats. Any open senate seat while the Spitzer/Clinton Tidal wave occurs is takable seat, along with Spano's seat in Westchester (which is poachable since he won it by 125 votes two years ago) brings the Dems to a tie in the state senate.

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