Mar 1, 2006

Both Sweeney and Pataki having health problems

Both Rep. Sweeney and Gov. Pataki are spending tonight in a hospital. Sweeney is only in with a back problem and last week hospitalized for blood presure that was described as "not life threating" both the blood presure and back problem were already being treated with prescription drugs (thank goodness John doesn't have to depend on Medicare part D)

Pataki on the other hand was expected to leave the hospital over a week ago and has been under the knife in two different counties (Westchester and New York). Could there be a real shake up in the GOP governor's race? Could George resign due to health reasons? Mary Donahue probably would run if she is running as the incumbent governor and may have Stephen Minarik clear the way since he so disdains primaries (and probably disdains general elections as well).

Both politicians have appearence of leadership among; Sweeney led the Brooks Brother Riot in Florida as part the 2000 recount debacle; Pataki has presidential aspirations and cut-throat ambitions that attracted D'Amato's attention back in 1992 after taking out a GOP incumbent State Senator. With the loss and/or deterioration of either Sweeney or Pataki's capabilities draws the New York State GOP bench of talent to next to nothing.

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