May 14, 2006

NY's Son of Sam Law

Last week it became clear that under President Bush's knowledge and authority the NSA not just listened to some international phone conversations but has invaded the privacy of nearly every American by purchainsg the phone records from most telecom corporations. It is an illegal search and invasion of privacy doing so. Under New York State Law It is illegal to profit off a crime you were part of (the NSA paid a secret sum to the phone companies for such illegal info).

Eliot Spitzer, as NYS Attorney General, should start the prosecutions of the phone companies under uniquely New York law. This would give even more national prominence to the next Governor of New York, and frame the debate in the best light for Dems. Painting the Bush adminstration, Michael Hayden, the NSA, big Telecom companies, and anyone else who pushes to sell out American Liberties as what they are petty criminals. Every person that states they don't mind if the government tramples on their constitutional rights are spitting on the graves of the people who fought and died for those rights and are cowards that are refusing to stand up for the freedoms endowed to us by our creator.

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