Oct 31, 2006

Rep. Sweeney Hiding Something

John Sweeney some has come to the conclusion that he and he alone has a constitionally guaranteed right to privacy. Daily News reported that Sweeney

A state official ruled that the New York State Police improperly denied a request for information about police responses to the home of powerful Republican Rep. John Sweeney. The executive director of the state's Committee on Open Government, Robert Freeman, ruled in a July advisory opinion that the police had no right to refuse the request from a producer at WNYT-TV in Albany.

The station requested records indicating the number of times the police had been called to the home of Sweeney, a former executive director of the state Republican Party who represents the Albany area. The state police refused on the grounds that releasing such records would violate privacy.

This from one the most ardent supporters of Bush's illegal wiretapping, the invasion of privacy Patriot ACT, and opponent of the Roe v Wade decision on the basis that the constitution does not imply there is a right to privacy. Well John if you didn't do anything wrong or illegal, why don't you just come publicly with why the state troopers were coming to your house. What do you have to hide Congressman Sweeney? Were they responses to domestic abuse? Are you running a crystal meth lab up in Clifton Park? or is the truth of the matter that you are running an Al-Queda cell out of your house?

The rational for allowing Patriot Act, illegal NSA wiretapping, and the Torture Bill (a.k.a. Military Commissions Act of 2006) and every other attempt to rip liberty out of our hands has been that we will die because they want to kill us so we shouldn't question our lost of rights because if we have nothing to hide then we won't be harmed. Except if you are one of the thousand Muslims that have gone missing into the industrial-military complex without a trial. "But Sean" you say "They are a different because their skin color or their religion. Certainly we can trust our government to be fair in their destruction of our rights." Bob Johnson, Congressional candidate from Watertown, NY was held at the airport because his name appeared on the terrorist watch list, the same thing happened to Sen. Ted Kennedy despite the TSA employee in Logan Airport recognizing the Senator he was denied to board a airplane also because his name appeared on the terrorist watch list.

Rep. Sweeney has actually organized terrorism in the past; he organized congressional staffers to go down Broward County Florida during the 2000 presidential recount to scare the Board of Elections to stop the recount despite the majority Republican State Supreme Court ordering it to continue. This act of terrorism is commonly referred to as "The Brooks Brothers Riot" and earned Rep. John Sweeney his Presidentially conferred nickname Congressman Kickass.

Why can't state troopers release their report of their visit to Sweeney's domicile, like they do after everyone else that gets a knock on the door from a State Troopers (ever heard of the police blotter)? Why does dissident-in-chief Sweeney get special treatment? Why is Rep. John Sweeney hide the facts? What did John Sweeney do to deserve a visit from the State Troopers?

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