Sep 4, 2008

$10 Billion A Month in Iraq

McCain/Palin campaign spokespersons have been touting Sarah Palin's executive experience, managing 24,000 employees, proximity to Russia and Alaska's $10 billion annual budget. What is Sarah Palin going to do the second month? Why bring attention to Palin's budget decisions (she severally cut special education in her first budget before giving birth to a son with Downe Syndrome)? Sarah Palin did not even have a valid passport 2 years ago, is she really the best person to be a heart beat away from the oldest nominated presidential candidate who has had cancer, and heart disease?

John McCain has no executive experience, so why make the argument that Senate experience doesn't count? The difference between Democratic and Republican conventions was the GOPers couldn't stop booing, and the speakers couldn't stop blaming the media, the congress, and the rest of the world for anything and everything.
Victimhood does like look good on the elephant, whether Senator Phil Gram calling Americans whiners, Sarah Palin complaining about the liberal media and the Washington establishment stating she doesn't have any experience, or John McCain kvetching that we would have lost Iraq if we had listen those people that wanted to withdraw 2 years ago (the people he is referring to... the American people).

$10 billion a month

What does the US get in return:
  • $3.89/gallon gas,
  • a huge national deficit,
  • 4,000 plus service men and women dead,
  • 50,000 military casualties,
  • 6 billion inhabitants of the world that justifiable do not trust us as far they can throw us,
  • American citizens committing war crimes then having it rebranded it as "enhanced interrogation,"
  • a crippled and stretched-too-thin military,
So I'm going have to say 'thanks, but no thanks' to McCain's offer of providing judgement and values.

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