Jan 11, 2009

Danny Dromm: The Next City Councilman from the 25th District

I'm sad to say that I do not live in the 21st 25th City Council District, because if I did I would be a proud voter for Daniel Dromm. Not only is he a Democratic District Leader who will promote progressive policy he brings a lifetime of experience as a community activist, educator, and a union activist. The good news is that Dromm as a city councilman will benefit not only his district but Queens, the Democratic party, and the council itself, as well as the rest of the city. I encourage anyone living Jackson Heights, parts of Woodside and Elmhurst that lives in the 21st 25th District should vote for Daniel Dromm in the September 8th Democratic primary.

I've known Danny for only a couple of years, but I whole heartily believe his voice certainly needs to be in the city council.

Here is a picture I took at his community fundraiser at Novo Restaurant yesterday, so I've already put my money where my mouth is, and will expect to be putting knuckles to doors this June for petitioning.