Jul 31, 2009

Fed Audit Supported By 75% Of Americans: Survey

Fed Audit Supported By 75% Of Americans: Survey

Of course the Federal Reserve should be audited, shouldn't the most economically influential organization in the country be accountable the same way the banks they deal with every day are? FDIC has the responsibility to audit banks they insure, so the Federal Government who insures the Federal Reserve with full faith and credit of the American government has the responsibility to audit the Federal Reserve. Why aren't the conservatives up in arms htat this hasn't been done already, they complain about healthcare being handled by some bureaucrat and an ever increasing size and scope of the federal government that is accountable to no one, and yet bringing accountability to these far off bureaucrats commanding and controlling the economy with a greater and greater scope and size has not brought out one tea-bagger, not one John Birch Society member, not one Libertarian, not one conservative talking head (the Glenn Becks, O'Reilly, Michelle Malkin, or Ann Coulter).

The conservative movement is paralyzed by their corporate pay masters, Obama and Tim Geither should get on this right away starting the audit will take less push than Healthcare and it is nearly universaly approve of bby the public (75% is as close as your going to get without including Mom, baseball, and apple pie)

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