Feb 5, 2013

Elimination of NJ Jug Handles To Be Debated

Bill to Squelch Convoluted Left Turns Gains in New Jersey Senate
As someone who has had the misfortune to drive through byways and state routes of the garden state of New Jersey I truly hope that New Jersey's state legislature comes to their senses and seek to eliminate these M.C. Escher implementation of transportation. I have had the experience of living in half a dozen states and have driven through a dozen more states. Through my sampling of roads of a third of nation's states it is my humble opinion that New Jersey has intentionally made their roads more disorienting than the 49 other states in the union. The schizophrenia that the New Jersey roads have (are they highways with exits or are the country roads with strip malls having traffic pulling out from parking lots) is the next target of reform for the nation's most counter-intuitive roads.

Of course the people that have gotten used to the insanity of New Jersey roads won't be able to understand, but they also feel that have new found super power of super navigation whenever they leave the state; akin to a pothead abstaining from marijuana and believing he has found super human memory when in fact he is alleviated of the prior deficit of memory.

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