Feb 19, 2013

'What works is right' vs 'It's right so make it work'

NYC teen pregnancies down over a decade

Does ‘Abstinence-Only Education’ Impact Rates of Sexual Abstinence?

Making contraception freely available to public school students has the "horrible" effect of 27% DECLINE of teen pregnancy. While abstinence-only education has the effect of increasing of teen pregnancies. So the side of the argument that is promoting abstinence-only education will refuse to change, not because it ineffective but because the opposite is 'sinful'.

So when facts are presented in contrary to desired results the religious-right just ignore reality. Is that really what G-d wants, create a reality that leads in opposite direction of common sense, that G-d is testing all of us to ignore the observable evidence, G-d is simply (as Descartes described) a "Grand Illusionist". When the facts present themselves in opposition to your previously held beliefs-- time to change your beliefs.

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