Apr 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombings: This is terrorism no matter whomever committed.

After flipping channels watching the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, I am gobsmacked by the refusal to admit that at least two explosive devices is not being categorized as terrorism. Clearly it is not some sort of gas main explosions; clearly it is two distinctive explosive devices a block away from each other; clearly the explosions aren't some freak natural disasters. To tippytoe around the the fact that this was act an of terrorism, in what may be an attempt to keep the precious term 'terrorist' limited to Islamic extremists. Anchormen and anchorwomen stating such odd sentences such as: "If it turns out to be an attack"; "The explosion has not yet been determined to be a bomb";1 "The Boston Marathon official statement refers to the 'two bombings' but we can not confirm that."

No matter who carried out these bombings, they are terrorists, and these violent acts towards random bystanders is a disturbing act regardless of whatever the delusional rationale provided afterwards. It may be the perpetrators were Islamic extremists, but it is statistically far more likely that this is product of the far-right  domestic terrorism variety. The question will come when suspects or persons of interest come into the custody of the FBI and Homeland Security, will they be treated in the same manner that those in Guantanamo Bay Cuba? Are we as a nation, willing to water-board white conservatives who bomb indiscriminately as some tax day protest to prevent further bombings?

Terrorism is a tactic. A tactic that can be used by long bearded false Muslims just as easily as those that erroneously call themselves patriots. Terrorism occurred today in Boston, no matter the intentions of the criminals that did the heinous act, there is no need to refrain from calling it what is.

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