Apr 23, 2013

CIPSA permanently enshrining warrant-less wiretaps: Best Government Corporations Can Buy

CISPA is legislation that recently was passed by over whelming margins in the House of Representatives will codify the fact that corporations can invade their employees and customers privacy under the guise that it might prevent some national security-- but that employees and customers can never sue the corporations for infringing their rights. So where is the Tea Party Congressmen with their tri-corner hats to stand up for all the rights spelled out in our Constitution? Should the nation expect another speaking filibuster over the trampling of individual rights by this piece of legislation just as he used it against the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director?

But due to the $600+ million of lobbyist money used to promote this legislation against the paltry $4.3 million that opposed the legislation, probably will be seeing this get passed in the Senate and signed by Capitulator-In-Chief Obama. When your next employer asks for your personal email passwords and social network passwords, don't be surprised-- and unless you want remain unemployed-- then don't resist because your boss will have a right to demand such things. If the government (or those that hold influence over the government) can look into specific individual without just cause or going through judicial process and find out all of that individual's online activity without ever having the purpose preventing crime and terrorism, then on paper our nation becomes the police state that we have always said America could never be.

Though this legislation is multitudes worse to the civil liberties of denizens of the Internet than SOPA, it doesn't have big money interests like Google, Microsoft, etc. along with Internet giants like Wikipedia Huffington Post, and others that participated in the March 2012 Internet Blackout protest and therefore CISPA isn't getting its due attention.


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