Apr 16, 2014

Anti-Government Militia Will Support Nahshon Shelton and His Anti-Tax Stand... {cricket chirps, cricket chirps}

Refusal to pay taxes while brandishing guns only works when owing over $300,000, not for 22 cents which gets you jail time without bail.

Income Tax is viewed by many within the anti-government movement as theft through  coercion, since if you do not pay it then the government will seize your person and imprison those who refuse to pay their income taxes. Sales tax being transactional in nature, is just as coercive since it is not at all voluntary, even if one wishes to actively avoid it one could not without the retailer participating in a tax avoidance scheme. Fees for service are the least coercive since they can be avoided outright, though an extremist may take the outlook that any government is too much government.

This past weekend Chicago resident, Nahshon Shelton, claimed that since he lived in the neighborhood he was exempt from sales tax, in response the retailer informed him that he was not and refused to let him purchase a bottle of diet pepsi without the 22 cent sales taxes being paid. Mr. Shelton went home and took a strategy straight out of the Bundy Ranch Playbook and returned brandishing firearms believing that would alter the outcome (as it altered the outcome in Clark County and the return of trespassing cattle), but instead resulted in Mr. Shelton being held without bail.

Ammon Bundy when presented with Federal Court order for the confiscation of the trespassing (for the prior 20 years) cattle on federal land, part of the herd was eventually confiscated up until firearms brandishing anti-government supporters of the renegade ranchers confronted BLM agents with Cliven Bundy demanding that Clark County Sherrif's department confiscate all of Federal agents' firearms and brought to him. BLM stated that due to fear for the physical safety of the agency's employees as well as the general public decided to back down and release the trespassing cattle back to the Bundy Ranch.

What started Bundy Ranch from being law abiding to law breaking? In 1993 Cliven Bundy chose to ignore the existence of the Federal Government, therefore began to withhold fee for service that he and his family had been paying his entire life. At no point has the 600,000 acres been owned by anyother landowner other than the Federal government, so the claim that Bundy Ranch has ownership to the land is wholly without merit. The defense of the Bundy Ranch usurping NOT HIS LAND, is an amalgamation of a longtime history of grazing on that land (ignoring the fact that they paid for such service) and the federal government is overreaching in other segments of the American society. The same individuals that prioritize property rights over rights to life and life sustaining resources can not acknowledge the inconsistency that housing stock far out strips the homeless households-- but that banks that own vacant houses have a right to withhold their property from those that are homeless people. Then turn around and say that the Federal government doesn't have a right to withhold access to it's land for non-payment of grazing fees.

To avoid paying Federal grazing fees has a very simple solution-- keep your cattle on your land otherwise join the 16,000 of ranchers that pay agreed upon grazing fees. So just remember, if you don't want to pay your rent or mortgage just simply take the stance that you don't believe in your landlord's or bank's existence and roll up with your buddies while strapped implicitly threatening violence to anyone that dares to challenge your delusion... and don't be black.

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