Jun 10, 2014

Yet Another School Shooting: Gun Rights Advocates Share Blame For Permissive Gun Culture

About once a week mass shootings have been occurring across the country, but only our country because every other developed nation on the planet has solved this issue limiting access to firearms. The gun rights advocates claim some sort twisted divine right to always be able to be violent and have efficient implements to do so. I characterize it as 'twisted' because why would G-d grant a right to destroy G-d's own creation to  G-d's individual's creation?

There is no theological internal logic to a right to implements of pure intrinsic violence, if we are to hold that our shared creator is benevolent and good. Yet we have so called "Christian" churches handing out guns for first time attendees, the same people claim that teachings of Jesus Christ are the only way to salvation which is includes "those who live by the sword die by the sword" believe that eternal life is living by the gun. The only solution for this cultural abomination is that of a drastic cultural change that will no longer tolerate implements that can exclusively be used for violent purposes.

The people of faith claiming allegiance to Jesus of Nazareth, should be the source of this societal transformation but I will not hold my breath for this logical awakening.

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