Jun 3, 2014

Zephyr Teachout for New York State Governor

The following is an email I sent to Zephyr Teachout yesterday after Cuomo's allies denied her the WFP endorsement and thereby denied the state a viable liberal alternative to Cuomoccio who has balked at every turn regarding progressive economic policy.

Subject:I implore you to run for Governor in the Dem, WFP primaries and as an Independent 
Ms. Zephyr Teachout, 
I know that a stranger emailing you to ask you to run for Governor of New York state is quite the non-sequitur, but New Yorkers like myself need you to be our next governor. New York state is the birthplace of expanding civil liberties from suffragettes of Seneca Falls to LGBTQ equality rights activists of Stonewall; religious freedom under Flushing Remonstrance and the freedom of the press of the Zenger case shows that New York State is home to those that challenge the conventional wisdom even before the American Revolution; Governors have a tradition of bucking the status quo and being muscular in intervening on behalf of the little guy whether it be DeWitt Clinton, Al Smith, or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. We need you as New York's next governor.
Though I admit I could be incorrect about this, you could collect 175 signatures of WFP enrolled voters and force a primary against Cuomo on the WFP line while also running on the Democratic line after collecting 15,000 signatures. Also to assure that you appear on the November ballot collect 15,000 signatures of voters in August to run as an independent candidate.
I have included my resume that shows my extensive experience in electoral campaigns especially here in New York. I first became aware of you as a volunteer for Howard Dean, though you are only first becoming aware of me, I have been aware of the good work you have done for more than a decade. I hope to be able to help you become the next governor of New York and look forward to hearing a response in the very near future.

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