Jun 9, 2006

Suozi's Petitioning?

Has anyone seen a Suozi petition? As described here at this blog Suozi got a really late start staffing up a field program, which from the job posting on Democratic Gain.org June 8th is still going unfilled. Why are they hiring Field directors two after petitioning started? Suozi's earned media with the bird-dogging Spitzer at the Mineola train station couldn't have been better set up, but it is all for naught if Tom Suozzi can't get on the ballot 29 days left to get 15,000 thousand signatures from registered Democrats which isn't impossible but I haven't seen ads for petitioners either so something is not adding up and it looks very bad for Suozi.

Company Tom Suozzi for Governor
Position: Regional Field Director
Job Category: Campaigns
Post Date: 08/Jun/2006
Salary: / Yearly

Summary: Hiring experienced Field Staff who have knowledge of all facets of voter contact.
The Regional field director will manage a staff that will oversee phone banking, canvassing and events.

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