Nov 2, 2006

Count the State Senate Seats needed...

In the 35th State Seante District Andrea Stewart-Cousins will probably beat Senator Nick Spano

In the 24th State Senate District Mathew Titone beating Citycouncilman Lanza for Senator Marchi's open seat.

In the 2nd State Senate District Brooke Ellison could beat Senator John Flanagan

In the 47th State Senate District John Murad winning the district that Ray Meier is vacating in his run for congress (which he is losing by the account of the public polls and non-partisan Congressional Quarterly's opinion).

In the 11th State Senate District Nora Marino has 3 to 1 Democrats for every Republican registered in her district as she runs against Padavan.

I am sure I've missed a couple of other susceptible districts. The Democrats only need four more seats to win control of the State Senate, and I am sure the next election after the Democrats take control of the senate you will see about a dozen Republican State Senators will retire because they will not want to be in the minority. The Democratic takeover of the state senate will certainly be before the redistricting for the 2012 election which will cause a critical mass of seats change hands to the Democrats. After the 2012 elections the State Seante could very well have 43 seats and look like the state assembly today with veto proof majority.

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