Nov 2, 2006

Rep. Sweeney Loves his (and other's) wife

Rep. Sweeney today came out and announced that he "loves his wife and loves his children." The congressman did this in response to the likelihood that he actually beat his wife and that the state troopers came to his house Dec 2, 2005 in response to his wife's call to 911. His children are from his first marriage that ended in divorce in 1998 the wife that he alleged beat up in 2005 is Gaia Sweeney whom the congressman married a couple of years ago.

In the years in between the two marriages John Sweeney had long-term sexual relationship with his district office manager and Member of Saratoga County Board of Supervisor Anita Daly. It did not stop John Sweeney to pursue a relationship with Mrs. Daly even though she was still married. The Congressman's opposition to gay marriage while destroying his and other's marriages is one of many examples of the hypocrisy that John Sweeney is drowning in.


  1. The Sweeney/Daly affair is well known if Clifton Park Republican circles. I'm surprised it hasn't been exposed before now. It speaks volumes about his character. (Or lack thereof.)

    If Sweeney loses the election on Nov. 7th, he has no one to blame but himself.

  2. if??


  3. Sean?

    Why do you suppose this adulterous affair has not seenm the light of day via the mainstream media?

    Why is it Clifton Park's dirty little secret about this hideous man and his side conquest?

    Is it Anita this little community is protecting? Gaia?

    Mr. "Secret man" needs to be pantzed publically.

    What else are you hiding Sweeny? Who do YOU get your massages from? ;)