Jan 30, 2009

Another Conneticut politician gets free home renovations and is caught

In 2005 Governor Rowland was caught for having a vacation home built in return for state contract to the contractor. Yesterday Hartford Mayor Perez received home renovations for half the cost by a contractor who believed "would be blackballed as a contractor in the city" if he did not do the renovations free, prosecutors said he told them.
Blago in Illinois left office for attempting sell Obama's Senate seat and a barrel full of corruption charges; NY Governor Spitzer left due to sexual scandal, NY State Comptroller left because misuse of his office's resources; North Dakota was deemed the most corrupt state based on indictments per capita. In large part the citizens' apathy is the reason why the moral bankrupt keep getting elected. If 300 million Americans became citizen-activists and knew their elected officials (not just the president) as well as became full participants in government there wouldn't be nearly as many corrupt elected officials.
Full participation of informed citizens is of course a pipe dream, but even if a third of the American public citizen-activists the other two thirds would benefit from having a higher quality of elected officials, and only a third of the country is actually achievable.

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