Jan 30, 2009

Mayor Bloomberg's grim doomsday budget cuts 23,000 city jobs; Yet another massive screw-up of Bloomberg which will not stick to him.

Mayor Bloomberg's grim doomsday budget cuts 23,000 city jobs

7.6% cut in the city workforce; breaking campaign promises of supporting term limits while overseeing NYSEX plummet creating the cause for breaking term limits; after administrating 7 years of laisez-faire policies in department of buildings caused deaths of nearly a dozen New Yorkers; failed attempt to tax commuting New Yorkers via congestion pricing that would have done nothing to relieve outer-borough traffic; pushed for the Atlantic Yards Nets stadium which has now stalled not because of the emphatic support of the mayor but because downturn in economy started 2 years ago; mid-year budget cuts that killed school programs January 2007; for no apparent reason messing with school busing in the middle of the 2005-2006 school year; spent exorbitant amount of money to a failed attempt to attract the 2012 Olympics (thank goodness we dodged that bullet); has yet to accomplish anything with the rebuilding at ground zero either the freedom tower or the transportation hub;

All of these Bloomberg's Bloopers and yet still he is leading in the polls, Hizzoner is Teflon Don and can do anything without getting tagged without being held accountable to his screw-ups. Why is it that Bloomberg is able to get away with all of this? Is it possible that every bad thing that has happened under his administration is fault of someone else while every good thing came straight out his butt? MBA Presidents or MBA Mayors can't seem to hold themselves to account to anything, and is unwilling to admit any mistake.

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