Feb 4, 2009

Howard Dean for Secretary of HHS

Tom Daschle succumbed to tax scandal has withdrawn his nomination to head the Department of Health & Human Services. There probably is no better person to oversee health care reform than Dr. Howard Dean (former DNC chairman, 2004 Democratic canidate, former VT Governor that overhauled health care to provided every child in the state with health coverage.) The knowledge of the health care system that Dean would bring to the position would be invaluable to the Obama administration as well as the nation and to providing real solutions to national health care crisis.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Dean had put forward in his stump speech the need for incremental changes for health care to end up down the road to be universal. He had said that the failure of Hillary's health care in 1993 was because of the attempt to jump directly to full coverage.


  1. I wished people would investigate Mr Dean themselves instead of blindly equating him with Mr Fantastic. This guy is Mr Rascist right out of a Stephen King novel. He cost the DNC big money with the sex discrimination. His kid got to skate ona nighttime burglary job. His signing the Gay Bill was under extreme duress and not sincere. People check him out instead of just blindly promoting him. Do your homework.

    KB Richard

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  3. KB Richard,

    I'm not blindly equating him to Mr. Fantastic, I wish people like you would actually respond to the actually post. What is your problem with Dean's health care policy and his ability lead HHS toward universal health care. So you could your own homework and learn to read.