Apr 2, 2013

New York City's Republican Nomination up for sale to Democratic State Senator

So former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion (D) is already running for Mayor with intentions of running under the Independence Party or non-affiliated. Former MTA chief Joe Lhota and grocery store magnate John Catsimadis are already viable Republican nominees that will running for mayor later this year. The Democratic primary will likely be source of the city's next mayor among the 4-5 declared candidates. What else would New York City need in the mayoral race this year? How about Democrat State Senator trying to buy his way onto the Republican primary ballot-- not buying a Republican nomination just onto the ballot. Not entirely sure how the electorate that make up the Republican primary is supposed be won over by former State Senate Majority Leader. The neighborhoods that Senator Smith represents has some of the lowest Republican enrollment of the city, and the Republicans elsewhere in the city would be right to be skeptical of a turn-coat that will continue to be a Democrat in Albany. It is less than convincing that Republican primary voters would share the values of a man who refuse to publicly to be member of their party.


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