Apr 4, 2013

Petulant Cry Baby Can't Understand Why Goofing Off During High School Causes Her To Be Rejected By Colleges

Last week Wall Street Journal published an editorial written by former employee Bari Weiss' little sister, Suzy Lee Weiss. She lamented that being her lazy goofing off self wasn't enough to get into a "name brand" university but apparently did pass the threshold of the bastion of meritocracy the Wall Street Journal. Had they shown a person that had put in effort to excel in academics, shown some sort of leadership, and then still rejected by her first choice schools that would have been worthy of Suzy Lee Weiss' indignation.

Maybe Suzy Lee Weiss' indignation was righteous, it's not like her parents are mindful parents (by her own admission "I noticed long ago that my parents gave up on parenting me") and she certainly has never been exposed to Ivy educated individuals that could show her path to get where they have taken (such as Columbia University 2007 graduate and bigger sister Bari Weiss). To acknowledge that she didn't put any effort into high school nor use nepotism to get an undeserved internship while diverting blame on the fact she is not any sort of oppressed class not "[n]avajo, Pacific Islander, anything" nor had the chance to be gay had "any closet, and I would've happily come out of it." Proposing the premise of having no challenges in life nor any desire to better one's self is an awful strategy to convey sympathies for your situation.

She seems to be inferring a great injustice done to her for her not following her big sister's foot steps into the Ivy league, but I came away that the great injustice is that some poor bastard is going to have her as a roommate in whatever Big Ten school admitted her for the Fall semester (she admitted in her follow up interview with online.WSJ.com that she did get accepted to several Big Ten schools). To categorize her missive as a 1st world problem, is a large understatement. To complain in a national newspaper for over 500 words that you aren't given what you are wanted all because you put forward near naught effort is thoroughly mind-boggling.

Overprivileged isn't a word (at least not yet) but when the word does enter into the dictionary, I fully expect a picture of Ms. Suzy Lee Weiss will be right there next to the definition. If only I was related to someone that worked for Wall Street Journal instead, but alas I only started my own blog with a website I created when I ran for public office. I will abide and let Ms. Suzy Lee Weiss get back to her TV stories.







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