Apr 5, 2013

Shows of solidarity or flaunting how unnecessary exaggerated salaries are needed at the top

Sequestration has taken a meat clever to the Federal budget, those hoping the cuts will affect programs for the working poor equal to the military contractors should not hold their breaths. Yesterday President Obama announced that he would return 5% for as long as the sequestration is in place to show a sign of solidarity of those being affected by the sequestration. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth (IL-D), and Congresswoman Eleanor Norton (DC-D), have already volunteered salary paybacks of varying amounts. But the solidarity with those at the bottom of the economic strata, though nice in theory, won't have the effect that is intended of quickening a resolution to bring to an end of the sequestration. The cuts do not have equal affect since the military contractors have an excess largess while recipients of economic programs and middle class civil servant jobs do not have any excess resources to depend on during the hard times of the sequestration. To compare furloughed employees to executives who can spend a small portion of their profits to lobbyists and campaign contributions to ensure their largess comes back to pre-sequestration levels while no one advocates to restore anti-poverty programs.


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